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What is anti-DDoS protection?

As the amount of data on the Internet doubles, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are becoming more and more common.

DDoS attacks are designed to make servers, services or infrastructure unavailable. Attacks can take different forms. It may saturate the server’s bandwidth to make it inaccessible, or it may flood the server system resources, preventing it from responding to legitimate traffic.

During a DDoS attack, requests are sent in large numbers from multiple points on the Internet at the same time. The intensity of this attack makes the service unstable and even unavailable.

We have an anti-DDoS solution to combat this distributed denial of service attacks by performing a fast analysis of data packets in real-time, transferring income traffic from the server separating illegal requests from others, and allowing ONLY legitimate traffic to pass

We focus on security, you just focus on your website

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Who can Attack?

Anyone with an Internet connection. This type of attack can be used as a service to order anonymously. For only a few dozen dollars, you can effectively disrupt the operation of even the largest institutions anywhere in the world.

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