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Get the domain that will never go out of style.





Get the domain that will never go out of style.




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What is an Internet domain?

Internet domain, also known as domain, is a unique and proprietary name assigned to a web page so that anyone can access it. No two domains are the same.

Domains are distinguished from two parts: name (what comes before the “dot”) and extension. For example, in the domain we have the Name “nethost24”, and the Extension: “.com”.

Thanks to the domains, surfing the web is simple and accessible to everyone. Why? Because browsers do not access a domain to display the content of a website, but rather access a specific IP address, i.e. a set of characters of the type that helps to identify which server the content is located on.

In other words, the domain is responsible for translating the IP address so that the browser can show us the page we requested. Otherwise, can you imagine that we have to remember these numbers every time we visit a website? It is almost impossible.

What types of domain names can I buy?

When registering a domain name, it is important to know the two main domain name groups or types that exist:

Generic Top-Level Domains or gTLDs: They consist of at least 3 letters according to the destination or purpose for which they were created, although they are currently allowed for most uses without any restrictions. The most well-known gTLD extensions are .com, .net, and .org.

Geographical top-level domains or ccTLDs: These are domains based on the two identification characters of each territory, according to the codes established in ISO-3166, for example, .us, .uk, .ca, .mx, fr, or .de.

Why buy a domain name? What is the use of having a registered domain name?

Buying or registering a domain name has 3 advantages that nowadays are fundamental for any kind of business:

To protect your brand on the Internet and your online reputation: when you register a domain name you are registering your brand on the Internet. This means that no one else can use your name or misuse it.
To have a website: if you want to have a website for your business you will need a web address or domain, that is, the name that your users will have to type in the browser to access it.
To create personalized email accounts: if you want to create professional email accounts such as or you need to register your domain name and have a hosting to access these mailboxes and communicate with your customers.

How to choose a good domain name?

Choosing a good domain name is not an easy task. You must think carefully about the name that will represent you on the Internet since it is something that will accompany you for years.

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing and buying a domain name are

Choose a short name that is easy to write down and remember.
Avoid special characters such as the hyphens “-” or “_”.
Although it is not always possible, you can try to make the domain name you choose include a keyword. This is not a key positioning factor, but it can help you.
Make sure that the domain you want does not belong to any brand already registered.
Be original and try to make it a name that impacts your users.

Who can buy a domain name?

Any natural or legal person can register a domain name. If you have any questions about how to purchase a domain name, please contact our support team and we will guide you step by step throughout the process.

How do I know if the domain I want to buy is free?

Very easy. If you already know which domain name you want to register, but you don’t know if it is free, access the search engine that we show at the top of this page, write the name and click on “Search”. The system will automatically show you if the name is free for registration or if it is already registered. If it is already registered you can check the domain information by using the Whois option.

How do I buy a domain name?

Don’t know how to register a domain name? It’s very easy, you’ll see. The first thing you need to know is if the domain name you are thinking about is free.

To check the availability of a domain name, enter it in the search engine that you will see at the top of this page and click “Search”. Our system will show you which extensions are free for that particular domain name.


Finally, choose the extension (or extensions, if you want to buy more than one domain) and click on “Register”. Follow the steps on the screen and that is all! You have now a new domain name.

Can I register a domain name for more than one year?

Yes, in most of the extensions you will be able to register the domain for 1, 2, 3, 4, or up to 10 years.

I already bought a domain, now what do I do?

One of the most frequent questions when a customer first registers a domain name is: What should I do now? Well, the next step is to buy hosting to set up a website and create professional email accounts. This way you already have the basic and necessary services to take your business to the online world.

On the other hand, if you have just bought a domain name but you are not yet ready to start with the website, nothing happens. Just worry about renewing your domain name on time, so when you decide to take the step and create your own website you can be sure that the name is under your ownership and that you can use it without any problem.

It may also be the case that you already have a website and have just registered a new domain extension to protect your brand. In this case, you can create a web and mail redirection for free.

Once I register a domain name, is it mine forever?

Yes and no. When you buy a domain it is yours for the period you have registered it and, during that time, nobody can take it away from you. If you want to keep it for more years and not risk losing it, all you have to do is renew it before it expires so that it remains your property.

On the other hand, if you register a domain name but don’t renew it on time, you run the risk that someone will buy it in their name and you will lose ownership of it. The terms for renewing a domain and not leaving it free for public registration depend on the entity in charge of its management.

Is it advisable to buy several domain extensions?

Yes and No. It is recommended to register some extensions of the same domain name such as the main ones. For example, if you register a domain such as, it is best to also register some other extension such as your country code extension

Not only will this help you protect your brand and your online reputation, but it will also help users find you if they misspell your address on the Internet.

Do I need more than a domain name?

The hiring of the domain already involves many free services: DNS management, whois, transfer blocking, personalized support… If you also want to have your own email address or create a website, you will also need a web hosting plan. Visit our hosting section to find the plan that best suits your needs.

How long does it take to register a domain name?

All our registration processes are completely automated and therefore the registration of domains is immediate. However, you have to take into account that all registrations involve DNS propagation, therefore, although the domain will be registered instantly, it will not be fully operational until this DNS propagation is completed, which can take up to 48 hours, depending on the extension you have chosen.

If I misspell my domain name when I register it, is it possible to change it or return it?

Due to the operation of the international system of domain registration, it is not possible to make changes or returns of domains. Each registration implies a cost for Nethost24 that in no case can be recovered. However, in case you have paid us an amount but there is a problem with the registration or transfer, of course, we will give you a full refund.

How much does a web domain cost?

The price of a domain depends on the extension you want to register. Buying a .com domain is not the same as buying a .net domain.

On this same page, under the domain search bar, you will find a table with all the available extensions and the registration, renewal, and transfer cost of each one of them.

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