Although today almost all web pages are made in PHP, especially through content management systems such as WordPress, it is important to remark that HTML is not dead and that even today remains one of the foundations of the Internet. Remember that PHP code is translated to HTML by the server so that we can enjoy the online content. Discover the best HTML Editors.

Therefore, we want to show you the best FREE HTML editors available. To do so, we will explain to you the best that each editor can offer you and we will leave to you the choice of the one that best suits your daily basics.

Before we get into the subject we will do a quick review of what an HTML editor is and in which cases these programs can help us when working on the code of our projects (saving time and avoiding and correcting errors).

What is an HTML editor?

When we talk about HTML editors, we are talking about specific software that will help us creating and editing HTML code.

HTML Editor will also allow us to check code errors in a faster way and also, HTML editors will allow us to change from this programming language to any other programming language such CSS, PHP, or javascript … So they are an excellent working tool when working with websites.

When can HTML editors help us to work?

Always! These tools will help us processing website code in a faster, and structured way. So, even if you are not an expert, it is advisable to start working with this type of software as soon as possible.

With an HTML editor, we will be able to write common HTML code more intuitively, highlight source code syntax and we can also make use of its autocomplete function and review and correct code errors.

Although you may use WordPress and have a text editor to write when modifying code from WordPress templates or plugins you will find it easier to work in these editors. For example, if we have forgotten to open or close a tag, a very common mistake especially at the beginning.

The best Free HTML editors 2021

Now that you know better what these programs are for (edit and create code quickly and easily), it’s time to recommend you the 3 best HTML editors

Visual studio code

Visual Studio Code - Best Free HTML Editor - review
Visual Studio Code

This free and open-source Microsoft editor is, in our opinion, the best option if you want to leave behind the traditional notepad that your computer comes with by default.

This editor is the most complete we can find within the free versions, so it is an excellent decision to start working with it.

It is designated for making the task of programming easier and offering multiple options when working, although it is true that its use requires an average memory consumption since it loads the core through Chrome. And this detail must be taken into account so as not to slow down your work.

This program is available for Windows, GNU Linux, and Mac operating systems. Thanks to this software you can intuitively detect code errors, highlight syntax, work with snippets (code abbreviations), refactoring, debugging, and code auto-completion.

But what we like about this editor are its extensions. The strength of the extensions is that they make it easy for you to write code. You can add extensions to color the labels, tabulate them, for specific languages, display colors, and images, or display changes instantly among others.

It also has its console/terminal to install libraries. Visual Studio Code makes it possible for each programmer or user to work with the programming language package(s) that he/she needs for each project or for which he/she is familiar.

You can download Visual Studio Code from the official Website.

Sublime text

Sublime Text free html editor review
Sublime Text

Sublime text is another plain text editor that could not be missing in this list. This HTML editor allows you to download and use it for free. Sometimes, the software itself will remind you to pay a license fee to promote and maintain the development of the platform.

The sublime text allows you to write code in most programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Python, or XML among others. It is also available for Windows, GNU Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Among the main advantages offered by this editor, we highlight its fast execution and its functionalities. We also want to highlight the multilingual options (as we have already mentioned), and the options for running and debugging code.

With Sublime Text, you can correct spelling errors in code and syntax, and you can also use code snippets or code abbreviations supported by the platform, which is very useful for saving time.

With this software, you can also download free plugins. In fact, you can choose from a large number of options. To do this you need to have Package Control installed within the program. Once installed, you will be able to access these plugins that will be installed in your software in less than a minute.

Among our recommended plugins are the BracketHighlighter, which will allow us to read the code faster by highlighting the opening and closing tags. The LiveReload, to be able to see the changes by refreshing the browser once the files are saved and the SFTP, which updates the server once we have saved our file.

You can download Sublime text from the official Website.


Atom, super simple free html editor.

And now we come to the last candidate in our particular list of the best HTML editors available. The Atom editor is an editor created by the collaborative platform Github and that certainly could not be missing in this list. Moreover, unlike Notepad ++, it is available for Windows, GNU Linux, and Mac operating systems.

This free software is characterized by its intelligent auto-completion system, which allows you to write code very quickly, by the option of replacing text in a very intuitive way (searching and replacing) and by being compatible with all operating systems.

In addition, Atom has a very simple and we could say “friendly” interface, which will make it easier for you to lose your fear of code and start programming.

Like other editors we have mentioned in this list, Atom allows you to customize the theme. This way, you will be able to adjust it better to your way of working.

As in other cases, you can add other features that are not included with the editor by default. And that is installed from the program itself very quickly.

You can download Atom from the official Website.

Best HTML Editors 2021 Conclusion

We encourage you to start working with an HTML editor in your project. Although at the beginning you may find it a little difficult to get familiar with this type of tool, as soon as you get used to it, the leap in terms of time-saving will be of great help.

Also, it will help you to lose the fear of coding and to improve your projects. Remember also that this is our particular list with the best HTML editors but there are many more available such as TextWrangler, Brackets, CoffeeCup Free Editor, or Komodo Edit among others. And that it is up to you to try them and decide which one you want to work with.

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