The main questions here are: How much does a website need? or, How much space does WordPress need? How many GB do I need for my website? It’s possible that you may have these questions before hiring a hosting service or creating your website.

The answer is simple and clear. We will give you one in advance: no more than 1 GB. With any of our hosting plans, you have enough space to accommodate complex websites.

You may have seen hosting companies provide a staggering amount of gigabytes and may make you think that the hosting plan is “better” because it has more disk capacity. You might think, “I can hold more things”, but the reality is that it is unusual to need a lot of space to have a website, blog, or email account.

In addition, since high-quality servers use SSDs, disk space today is very expensive. If they offer you a lot of space at suspiciously low prices, beware! If it is infinite, then go away from that hosting companies.

Do I need an unlimited hosting plan?

From Nethost24, we can ensure that in most cases, 1 GB is enough to host any website.

As you may already know, the website contains many small files. For example, in addition to pictures or any other types of documents on the page, these are HTML or PHP files for its operation.

Images and multimedia elements are usually used most often in websites. And, in addition to the space occupied by the website, you must also consider that your email account and the database will also use the disk capacity of the hosting plan.

Based on our years of experience with thousands of customers, under normal circumstances, to have a website with multimedia content, a database, and a well-used email account, you do not need more than 1 GB of disk space.

Our cheapest plan already has 1 GB and is the best one to get started and to build a WordPress website, blog, etc.

How much disk space WordPress needs?

Since one of our specialties is WordPress hosting, let’s answer that question by focusing on the world’s most popular content management system and our favorite: WordPress.

Short answer: small amount of Megas. Of course, depending on the content to be uploaded. Now, a WordPress installation containing few themes and few plugins, and altogether only takes up 60 Megas approx. If you enter a million videos and photos you will need more, and this is depending on your content.

However, with pictures and multimedia file a normal WordPress website need between 100 to 300 Megas, that is all. So with our 1 GB hosting plan, you are more than covered. And remember that if you need more disk space, you can always upgrade your plan when needed.

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