Migrating a WordPress site from one server to another can be very simple or complicated, depending on the tools you use. In this article, we will introduce you to the easiest and fastest way to migrate a WordPress site we have found so far.

This quick and easy formula we were talking about is using one of the best migration plugins we have tried, All-in-One WP Migration, a tool we use almost daily and that you have at your fingertips in the WordPress repository.

Let us tell you how to turn some a priori complex technical tasks into some very trivial tasks just by considering how to solve them.

With this guide on how to migrate WordPress, you will be able to do the following in a simple way

  1. – Migrate your WordPress from one hosting to another.
  2. – Migrate your WordPress from your personal computer to your hosting.
  3. – Migrate your WordPress from one domain to another, or to a subdomain.

Let’s imagine that we want to migrate a website from the domain nethost.net, which is on hosting 1, to hosting 2.

Step 1. Download the plugin from the WordPress repository.

To install the plugin from the WordPress repository follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your WordPress administration panel.
  2. Click on Plugins and Add New.
  3. Search for All-in-One WP Migration and click Install.
  4. Once installed, click on Activate.

Once installed, a new menu appears on the left side called All-in-One WP Migration.

Step 2. Download the WordPress Site using All-in-One WP Migration exporter

Now, what we have to do is to export WordPress installed on this server as a single file to our computer. The Plugin gives us several options of where we want to export our file, but we are going to select File.

To export your WordPress to a file simply click on Export to, and then on File. Now the system will start preparing the file.

Once the file is prepared, you will see the option to download it on the screen. Click Download.

Step 3. Import our WordPress Site in the new hosting.

To do this we must have already purchased a web hosting plan on another server. It is very important to have a great web hosting service, so we invite you to visit our hosting plans.

Once you have a web hosting plan on the new server, you have to install WordPress (new installation) and the plugin. Then, what we will do is import your website and keep it in its previous hosting state.

In the left side panel click on All-in-One WP Migration and Import. Click on Import from and then on File. Now simply select the file you downloaded previously.

When you receive a message that all contents of the current site will be replaced, click “Continue”. Please remember that your installation on the new WordPress server does not have the required content. Clicking “Continue” will replace the new WordPress content with your site.

Once the process will be completed, jump into the final Step 4.

Step 4. Save the permanent Links

Finally, all you have to do is save the permanent links again. Follow the steps below.

  1. In the left panel, click on Settings and select Permanent Links.
  2. Click Save Changes.

Now your website has been migrated to your new server. It’s that easy!

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